Kitchen Remodel

I think most of you would agree that your kitchen is the most used and most important space in your home.  You cook, you clean, you feed your kids, you hang out and drink with friends and family, you watch tv, homework gets done, bags and shoes get dropped, kids get dressed for practice, the dog gets fed and so on and so forth.  No matter what your day brings, the kitchen gets the most visits per day.  With that being said, it makes sense to put your money where you'll be able to appreciate it most.  

Here's an example of a kitchen I recently re-modeled for a client.  The cabinets were in decent shape so we gave it a facelift, added new hardwood floors, counter tops, hardware, window treatments, faucet/sink and some fresh furnishings.

The cabinets and counter tops were dark, the floor and backsplash were outdated tile and the walls needed a fresh, light coat of paint

Lightening the cabinets and walls instantly made the space feel larger and more inviting.  In addition the updated pendants, backsplash, stools and window treatments gave it a fresh new look so that it feels current.


You can see how dark and cold it felt before.  We want all the natural light we can possibly get!


Let there be light! We added a new table and chairs and a side console that once again gave the space an updated look.  The cornice boxes are a nice way to add some pattern but I made sure to mount them high and not completely cover the windows so that you can still see the beautiful details of the original Victorian panes and soak up all that sun! The chandelier was existing - we just spray lacquered it and added new shades to match!


So as you can see there are all kinds of ways to update your kitchen.  You don't always need to do a complete gut renovation (although sometimes it's necessary).  If you're ready to take on that kitchen you've been dying to do for years, let me help.  I promise it will make a huge difference in your day to day life :)